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Asante International Dining Corp (AIDC) is a publicly traded restaurant holding and culinary products company headed by Chef Marvin Woods, award winning, Emmy® nominated television host, and best-selling cookbook author. AIDC owns and operates the Asante Restaurant brand, an upscale, fine-dining experience the introduces the concept of “Coastal Soul” cuisine, based on unique flavors and ingredients that range from Europe, to the west Coast of Africa and Carribean areas, to the Americas. Devised and developed over many years, Chef Marvin Woods’ Coastal Soul combines the familiar “Low Country” and New Orleans cuisines with the less well-known spices, seasonings, and ingredients of international coastal areas to bring fresh new taste sensations to the sophisticated palates of Asante guests, along with superior service and warm southern hospitality. The flagship restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, GA with breathtaking views of Centennial Park and the Atlanta Aquarium and skyline.

Asante International Dining Corp is ideally positioned to capitalize on the growing health consciences of restaurant public and people who enjoy flavorful foods and sauces that are all-natural without any harmful ingredients and preservatives. Chef Marvin Woods known internationally as the green Chef, has developed his signature Coastal Soul cuisine to deliver dishes that are not taste good but are good for you. “I believe that food should be more than something you just shove in your mouth… If you can make food that also has medicinal benefits, to me it’s a bonus. I am striving for that balance as often and as much as possible and if I can’t achieve it in a dish or recipe then I strongly believe in keeping the poison to a minimum. Culinary Arts is an opportunity I get to be creative as well as change people’s lives.” – Chef Marvin Woods

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