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Chef Marvin Woods: Michelle Obama “Let’s Move” Program

Cookbook author and TV chef Marvin Woods is recognized for his inventive take on food rooted in northern Africa, South America, the Caribbean and the Low Country. Woods has developed a wellness program designed to teach lifestyles that are healthy for kids and their families - through food called Droppin' Knowledge with Chef Marvin Woods.

Chef Marvin Woods (Coastal Cuisine) JET Magazine

“I believe that food should be more than something you just shove in your mouth… If you can make food that also has medicinal benefits, to me it’s a bonus. I am striving for that balance as often and as much as possible and if I can’t achieve it in a dish or recipe then I strongly believe in keeping the poison to a minimum. Culinary Arts is an opportunity I get to be creative as well as change people’s lives.” – Chef Marvin Woods